23 Aug 2013

Rudd battling falling polls

4:07 pm on 23 August 2013

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he will keep fighting through the election campaign despite polls showing Labor could lose five seats in western Sydney and he could struggle to keep his own in Queensland.

"We entered this election campaign as underdogs, I'm a fighter," Mr Rudd told the Nine Network on Friday. "We have just under 2½ weeks to go in this campaign ... and I intend to take the argument up."

Mr Rudd said there was still a "long way to go in this election campaign".

When questioned about the possibility of losing his own seat, the prime minister said he took the election contest and the battle for his own seat seriously.

"I believe in fighting for our own cause wherever it is, including in my own constituency, I certainly respect my opponent," Mr Rudd said.

The Daily Telegraph reports the seats of Reid, Werriwa, Lindsay, Greenway and Banks are in serious trouble according to the poll of 550 voters in each electorate. Parramatta is too close to call.

AAP reports Mr Rudd is being challenged in the Queensland seat of Griffith by Dr Bill Glasson, the former head of the Australian Medical Association.

"He's one of the most respected doctors in Australia, he's a good guy," said Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey. "Leave it up to the electorate to decide."

AAP reports the Guardian Lonergan poll puts Mr Glasson ahead of Mr Rudd 52 to 48 on a two-party preferred basis in the seat.