19 Jul 2013

Vietnam War relics going home

11:35 am on 19 July 2013

Two Australian Vietnam veterans are taking war relics off public display and handing them back to Vietnamese families.

Bob Hall and Derrill de Heer are military researchers at the University of New South Wales.

The ABC reports they have spent more than three years matching artefacts recovered from the Vietnam War battlefields with the relatives of dead Viet Cong soldiers.

Hundreds of letters, drawings and items such as jewellery had found their way back to Australia with returning troops.

The Vietnamese embassy in Australia says it may seem a simple gesture, but it will mean much to the Vietnamese people.

Mr Hall and Mr de Heer will now travel throughout Vietnam returning the possessions.

"It's my belief that if the situation was reversed we would want the Vietnamese to do this for us," Mr Hall said.

"We've called this project Operation Wandering Souls and we hope it will bring the spirit of the person home with the letters.''