3 Jul 2013

Aircraft antics by Sri Lankan cricket player

6:15 am on 3 July 2013

Sri Lanka Cricket said on Tuesday it will investigate reports a drunk player tried to open a cabin door at 35,000 feet during a flight from St Lucia to London.

British media have reported the batsman was seen by other passengers pushing and pulling the door on the plane while searching for the toilet, about two hours out from Gatwick airport on Monday.

British Airways (crew members subdued the player, whose actions were causing panic among the plane's 229 passengers, according to the Daily Mail.

Sri Lanka Cricket said disciplinary action would be taken against the batsman if the report was proved true.

The player has not been named in media reports or by Sri Lanka Cricket.

A BA spokesperson was quoted as saying the event was linked to an element of alcohol: ''He explained his mistake and cabin crew accepted it in good faith."

The airline said it had reassured passengers that it was impossible to open the pressurised door mid-flight and that at no point was the safety of passengers compromised.