17 Jun 2013

Massive dinosaur fossils four in Outback

10:47 am on 17 June 2013

A dinosaur dig in outback Queensland over the past two weeks unearthed a "treasure trove" of massive fossils, believed to be 98 million years old.

Field palaeontologist David Elliott of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs at Winton said giant limbs and two-metre ribs were uncovered.

"We didn't stop finding stuff - as fast as you would try and dig around one bone, you started uncovering another,'' he told the ABC.

"We had some (plaster) jackets there the size of the back of the ute - they were massive.

"In actual volume, I suppose there is a couple of tonne of bones, and in actual bones I suppose there would have been over a couple of dozen."

Mr Elliott said it will be next year before they begin preparing the bones.

"That is a new species and it is like nothing else on the planet.''