3 Jun 2013

Whale meat menus being promoted in Japan

1:43 pm on 3 June 2013

A whaling agency in Japan has launched a new campaign to promote eating whale meat, which it says increases physical strength and reduces fatigue.

The ABC reports the Institute for Cetacean Research will also distribute brochures featuring whale recipes.

An estimated 5000 tonnes of whale meat is being held in freezers.

Once popular in school lunches, younger generations of Japanese rarely, if ever, eat whale.

But the institute hopes to revive flagging interest by advertising whale meat as a great source of balenine - a substance believed to enhance energy and physical health.

Japanese media report the campaign also involves selling whale meat to Defence forces to help boost their strength.

As part of the campaign, about 7000 brochures will be distributed - they feature recipes such as whale meat sashimi and whale cooked with Chinese chives.