14 Apr 2013

Armed man at large after prison escape

7:23 am on 14 April 2013

A notorious armed robber is being hunted by police in northern France after staging a dramatic escape from prison.

Redoine Faid set off a series of explosions and took four guards hostage during the escape from Sequedin prison, outside Lille.

Police say he is armed and still in possession of explosives.

Faid was in prison for a series of robberies after being returned there in 2011 for breaching parole conditions relating to earlier convictions.

Police said Faid may have been given the explosives by his wife who visited him on Saturday morning.

He used them to blast through five prison doors, taking hostages with him.

A getaway car was later set on fire and police are still trying to track another vehicle which he transferred to.

The BBC reports all the hostages were released during the escape, outside the prison and along a highway.