2 Mar 2013

China shows footage of men being led to execution

1:47 pm on 2 March 2013

China has paraded a drugs warlord from Myanmar and three accomplices on live television before executing them for the murder of 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong River.

The Mekong killings caused outrage in China last year and prompted Beijing to send gunboat patrols downstream from its border, the BBC reports.

The men were put to death by lethal injection in Kunming, Yunnan province.

CCTV News broadcast live footage of the men being taken from their cells to the execution site, though it did not show the moment of death.

Many social media users in China have reacted angrily, condemning the broadcast as insensitive.

The Chinese foreign ministry says the case shows Beijing's resolve to work with other countries to tackle cross-border crime.