1 Mar 2013

Great Train Robbery mastermind dies

12:05 pm on 1 March 2013

Bruce Reynolds, who planned Britain's 1963 Great Train Robbery, has died, at the age of 81.

The hold up of a mail train in southern England netted the robbers almost £2.6 million - worth about £40 million today.

Bruce Reynolds was responsible for planning the robbery of the Glasgow-London train which was brought to a stop in the county of Buckinghamshire by the 15-man gang who changed a signal to red.

The train's driver Jack Mills was struck on the head during the robbery and never worked again.

After the heist Reynolds went on the run for five years, but returned to England in 1968 and spent a decade in jail. He was jailed again in the 1980s for dealing drugs.

Fellow robber Ronnie Biggs escaped from prison after less than two years and fled to Brazil.

He returned after 35 years on the run to serve the rest of his prison sentence and was released from jail on compassionate grounds in 2009 because of health problems.