12 Jan 2013

US orders review of Dreamliner planes

3:49 pm on 12 January 2013

US regulators are to review the 787 Dreamliner after several of the new Boeing aircraft were hit by technical problems this week.

A fire started on an empty Japan Airlines 787 in Boston on Monday and the following day a fuel leak was found on another Dreamliner.

The investigation being carried out by the Federal Aviation Administration will look at the design and manufacture of Boeing's flagship aircraft.

The planes will not be grounded while the safety review is carried out, the BBC reports.

FAA administrator Michael Huerta told a news conference that nothing in the data the agency had seen suggested the plane was not safe, though it still felt the review was necessary.

Boeing said in a statement it was confident in the design and performance of the 787 which it described as safe and efficient.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the most advanced aeroplanes ever created. Much of it is made from very strong, light carbon-fibre composite material.

Air New Zealand has said it plans to add the fuel-efficient Dreamliner planes to its fleet from mid-2014.