24 Dec 2012

Secrecy over Fiji constitution a worry - Labour

10:17 pm on 24 December 2012

The Fiji Labour Party says secrecy over the country's draft constitution will affect the document's credibility.

This follows the Constitution Commission's cancellation of a meeting at the weekend after its chairman Professor Yash Ghai presented the draft to Fiji's president on Friday.

The party's leader Mahendra Chaudhry says the briefing for political parties and NGOs was cancelled under pressure from the regime and the people of Fiji and their mandated leaders are being shut out of the constitution process.

The meeting had been postponed from earlier in the week because of Cyclone Evan.

But a member of the commission, Peni Moore, says they weren't intimidated into cancelling the meeting but simply told their job was over.

The document is next month to come under the scrutiny of the Constituent Assembly yet to be appointed by the regime. Fiji's Labour Party says it fears that debate is likely to be carefully orchestrated.