17 Dec 2012

Qld cattle at risk of starving after bushfires

12:00 pm on 17 December 2012

Graziers in Queensland want the federal government to declare a natural disaster in the Gulf Savannah region after weeks of bushfires there.

AAP reports the fires are not yet out and are still destroying the feed for large herds of cattle. Thousands of head of cattle face starvation.

Etheridge shire mayor Will Attwood said that even if there's an immediate start to the wet season, which is overdue, it won't resolve the issue.

He told the ABC on Monday the fires had affected 20 properties, covering almost 250,000 hectares. Seven properties had lost pretty much all of their grazing land.

"Even if (the wet season) starts tomorrow, we'll still be waiting about three weeks for enough grass to be able to grow to substantially feed these cattle," he told the ABC.

"And it's still going on. The fires are still burning," he said.