13 Nov 2012

Mature jobseekers overlooked: survey

2:02 pm on 13 November 2012

A survey in Australia has found that more than three quarters of mature-age jobseekers are unhappy with the response they get from employers, despite a growing need for skilled workers.

Adage.com.au, a jobseeker website for people aged over 45, polled over 800 candidates and found 88% were dissatisfied with the response they received from job recruiters and 77% were unhappy with the response from employers.

Managing director Heidi Holmes said the results were concerning, particularly when a third of the respondents were under the age of 55.

"It's incredible to me that there is so much discussion about skills shortages in Australia, while so many highly qualified and experienced workers are being overlooked simply because they've got a bit of grey hair," Mrs Holmes said on Tuesday, releasing the survey results.

AAP reports half of the respondents were qualified with an undergraduate degree or higher - about 15% had a Masters degree and many had PhDs.

The survey also found that jobseekers were so scared their age would disadvantage them, that four out of five respondents refused to put their age on their CV.

Mrs Holmes said countries like Singapore and Malaysia regard the experience gained by hiring mature age workers as an asset.