13 Nov 2012

Voters turning off Abbott: Newspoll

6:02 am on 13 November 2012

Voters starting to turn away from Opposition leader Tony Abbott, according to the latest Newspoll in Australia.

AAP reports voter support for him at its lowest level since he became opposition leader three years ago.

The Australian's latest Newspoll shows that 27% of voters are satisfied with the way Mr Abbott is doing his job, and 63%, the highest number on record, are dissatisfied with his performance.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard maintains a two-month lead over Mr Abbott as preferred prime minister, 46% to 32%.

Despite Mr Abbott's troubles, AAP reports the coalition continues to hold solid primary vote support, 43%; up from 41% two weeks ago. Labor's primary vote is unchanged on 36%.

The Newspoll survey, taken over the weekend, shows the coalition holds a two-point lead over Labor - 51% to 49% - on a two-party-preferred basis using preference flows at the last election.

Ms Gillard and other female ministers have accused Mr Abbott of misogyny and sexist behaviour, and Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has accused him of lying.

Last Friday, while announcing that Australia was prepared to join a second Kyoto Protocol treaty to set new targets for cutting greenhouse gases, Mr Combet said everything that Mr Abbott had said about climate change was "complete bulls**t".

Mr Abbott's net satisfaction - the difference between satisfaction and dissatisfaction - is the worst it has been at minus 36.

Ms Gillard's personal support was virtually unchanged, with satisfaction on 37 per cent, up two points, and dissatisfaction on 52 per cent, giving her a net satisfaction rating of minus 15.