28 Aug 2012

Tibetans die in self-immolations

10:14 pm on 28 August 2012

Two young Tibetans have died after setting themselves on fire in the latest protest against Chinese rule, according to a campaign group.

Lobsang Kalsang, an 18-year-old monk, and Damchoek, a former monk aged 17, set themselves on fire on Monday morning in Sichuan province, London-based group Free Tibet said.

The incident happened outside the Kirti Monastery in Aba county, where many of the self-immolations have taken place, the BBC reports.

The young men were shouting slogans against Chinese rule and policies in Tibet as their bodies burned, Radio Free Asia reported, citing witnesses.

Free Tibet said there had been about 50 self-immolations by Tibetans since 2009 - at least half of which are thought to have been fatal.

Foreign media are banned from the region, making reports hard to confirm. Chinese state media have confirmed some of the self-immolations but not all.