19 Aug 2012

Speculation over future of Mayor Boris of London

8:12 am on 19 August 2012

Team GB enjoyed enormous success at the Olympics in London and the majority of the British public seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Games.

Mayor Boris Johnson also raised his profile internationally through the successful staging of the Olympics and many are now are talking about him as the obvious successor to Prime Minister David Cameron.

The BBC reports some newspapers have dubbed the effect of the Olympics, the ''Boris bounce''.

But Mr Johnson has said it is time ''to knock on the head once and for all'' claims he wants to be prime minister.

Mr Johnson said his "cup was running over" as Mayor and dismissed talk of him wanting to succeed David Cameron as a "silly season" story.

He said the chance of this happening was "infinitesimally remote".

Referring to recently getting stuck above Olympic crowds, he told ITV: ''How could anybody elect a prat who gets stuck in a zip wire?''

Mr Johnson has said he is committed to seeing out his second term as mayor - which ends in 2016.

Asked on the Daybreak programme whether he fancied becoming prime minister one day, Mr Johnson replied ''No, of course not''.

He added: "Because I have got four years of Mayor of London ahead of me. Perhaps this is the moment to knock this once and for all on the head.

"How can I issue a denial strong enough to stop this silly season story?

''I am Mayor of London and my cup runs over and plus ... we have got the Paralympics and they are going to be fantastic too."

Asked to categorically rule himself out as a future Conservative leader and prime minister ''at any stage'', he replied:

'''I think it is inconceivable that I am going to be prime minister. At the moment, I certainly don't want to be prime minister.''