1 Aug 2012

Resignation of security chief

5:48 am on 1 August 2012

The head of the internal security service in Germany has resigned after a series of blunders in an investigation into a neo-Nazi cell. Tuesday is his last day in the job.

It comes after a series of disclosures over the killings of at least 10 kebab shop owners by a trio who called themselves the National Socialist Underground.

The BBC reports the agency seems not to have drawn the obvious connections between the killings.

On top of that, it emerged last week that internal documents relating to the murders were shredded.

The case surfaced only when two of the three were found dead in an apparent suicide pact and the other blew up her flat in the eastern city of Zwickau and then handed herself in to police.

Heinz Fromm, 63, has headed the Office for the Protection of the Constitution since 2000, the year the murders began.

In February, Chancellor Angela Merkel described the case as "a disgrace".