17 Jul 2012

Census data confirms shift of wealth to Western Australia

5:49 am on 17 July 2012

Latest Australian census data shows the mining boom has caused a shift of wealth from the eastern seaboard to the west of the country.

Western Australia holds the top 13 spots on the list of the richest Australian towns, as opposed to cities.

The town with the highest proportion of households earning more than $A4000 per week is Dampier, followed by Karratha and Port Hedland.

The postcode with the highest median personal income is 6710, which encompasses the towns of Cane, Onslow and Peedamulla

The ABC reports the data also confirms higher than normal concentrations of males in areas where energy and mining projects are located.

The postcode of 0829 in the Northern Territory, encompassing the towns of Holtze and Pinelands, has a population that is just over 84% male - the highest percentage in the country.

The number of unoccupied houes has also risen, with 10.7% of dwellings standing vacant.

However, the ABC reports the distribution of these vacant dwellings reveals most of them are located well outside the capital cities in coastal towns, meaning many of the empty properties are weekenders or holiday homes.