19 Jun 2012

Muslim brotherhood to protest against Egypt military

8:51 pm on 19 June 2012

Supporters of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt are planning protests across the country against moves by the military council to grant itself wider powers.

With most votes counted in the Egyptian presidential election, the Muslim brotherhood's candidate, Mohammed Mursi, appears to be heading towards a narrow victory.

The BBC reports that over the weekend, the generals issued two decrees dissolving the Islamist-dominated parliament and claiming all legislative power for themselves.

Meanwhile, with counting in the presidential election run-off complete, both candidates are claiming victory.

Mohammed Mursi, the head of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said on Monday that he had won 52% of the vote.

Mr Mursi promised to work "hand-in-hand with all Egyptians for a better future, freedom, democracy, development and peace".

But former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq's campaign team said their figures showed that he was ahead and that the Brotherhood had "terrorised" voters.

Independent observers and state media believe Mr Mursi has won by a margin of about three to four percentage points, or about a million votes.

The official result is scheduled to be announced on Thursday.