7 Jun 2012

Japanese dock washes up on US shore

8:17 pm on 7 June 2012

A huge dock torn from a Japanese port by last year's tsunami has washed up in the US state of Oregon - 8050km across the Pacific.

The 20m-long concrete dock weighing 165 tonnes hit Agate beach, south-west of Portland, after washing from the fishing port of Misawa, the BBC reports.

A starfish native to Japan was among the marine life still clinging to the structure, says Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation spokesman Chris Havel.

"This is tsunami debris, not just from Japan, but from the tsunami itself," Mr Havel says.

Misawa lost four docks during an earthquake and resulting tsunami on 11 March 2011. Two docks are still missing.

The dock is the latest piece of tsunami debris from Japan to wash up in North America, adding to a list which also includes a huge fishing trawler and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.