6 Apr 2012

Creator of Marshall amp dies

9:00 pm on 6 April 2012

Guitar amp innovator Jim Marshall, who created the kit used by some of the biggest names in rock and was known as the ''Lord of Loud, has died. He was 88.

Mr Marshall, who originally owned a music shop in London, founded Marshall Amplification 50 years ago.

Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain are among those who used Marshall amps. Eric Clapton and Pete Townsend were early customers.

The BBC reports Mr Marshall began building amplifiers in the early 1960s, using the Fender Bassman amp as a model, creating what later became known as the Marshall sound.

After talking to Townsend and Ritchie Blackmore, who were customers at the shop, he realised there was a gap in the market to make a cheaper alternative to the other models available at the time.

It took six attempts to create an amp he was happy with. He received 23 orders for the new equipment on the first day alone.

As the company grew, Mr Marshall expanded his product range, unveiling the Master Volume Marshall amps and the classic JCM800 split channel amps.