15 Apr 2024

Blues forward Cameron Suafoa reveals cancer diagnosis

10:25 am on 15 April 2024
Cameron Suafoa in action for the Blues against the Hurricanes.

Cameron Suafoa in action for the Blues against the Hurricanes. Photo: photosport

Blues forward Cameron Suafoa has revealed he is taking a break from rugby to complete radiation treatment for cancer.

The North Harbour lock, 25, played two Super Rugby Pacific matches last month but has now decided to step aside temporarily while treatment continues for the undisclosed illness.

Suafoa opened up about his medical status in a video released by the Blues, explaining how his outlook had changed since being diagnosed last November and having a tumour removed.

He played a third-round match against the Hurricanes on 9 March, followed a week later by a game against the Waratahs in Sydney, which was preceded by a highly unusual buildup.

After undergoing radiation on a Friday, Suafoa flew to Sydney that night and played the following day, coming off the bench for his 20th Super Rugby appearance.

Cameron Suafoa at Blues training.

Cameron Suafoa at Blues training. Photo: photosport

He said playing at a high level while receiving treatment had become too difficult to sustain.

"I get real tired easily," Suafoa said.

"In the mornings I'm pretty good, I've just woken up so I'm usually full of energy but after 12 or 1, that's when I'm usually on the decline fatigue wise."

Suafoa, who played two matches for the All Blacks XV last year, said he was more determined than ever to succeed in his chosen sport.

"In my mind, if let this bog me down and I keep thinking about it, it's just not going to help me move forward," he said.

"I don't want to be stuck saying 'why me' all the time, if I can pull something positive out of this and come back fitter and stronger and hopefully then aim to pick up where I left off."