18 Dec 2020

Behind the Mic with Kim Hill: 'I used to hyperventilate sometimes'

4:36 pm on 18 December 2020

"I'm tearing up now, because it was such a harsh lesson to learn."

Some of RNZ's big names come out from behind the microphone to talk about their upbringing and careers in Behind the Mic, a series of video interviews.

In this episode, RNZ's Saturday Morning host Kim Hill is interviewed by Māori news reporter Te Aniwa Hurihanganui.

Kim talks about her life before radio, and moving from Shropshire in England to Otorohanga as a teen which she describes as a brutal time of being bullied.

They also discuss her early career, what she enjoys most about her job and her much talked about "vile" interview with Jeffrey Archer.

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