17 Nov 2017

Mermaidens’ number one fan has cut a spooky remix of ‘Sunstone'

9:07 am on 17 November 2017

We've got the premiere right here.



Psych rock band Mermaidens released a stonking new album, Perfect Body, earlier this year and today we’re premiering the ONONO remix of one of the records standout tracks, ‘Sunstone’.

ONONO happens to be BROODS drummer Jonathan Nott.

“I asked Mermaidens if i could do a remix of one of their songs, and because I am their number one fan, and they owe me for all the free backline I’ve ‘rented’ them, they had no choice but to say ‘yes’,” he says.

Nott first heard the song at a secret listening party for Perfect Body. Mermaidens guitarist Gussie Larkin had left her Dropbox account logged in on the computer giving him  unprecedented access to the unreleased album and he started remixing the track before anyone even knew.

The band’s drummer Abe Hollingsworth made the video for the remix, which cuts between scenes of a dancefloor that’s like something out of a David Lynch movie and Nott jumping around in the bush.

“I picked him up from the airport after his 12 hour flight back from LA and made him dance for two hours in the forest behind his house. Obviously, he was very happy about this,” says Hollingsworth.

The things you do for music, eh.