8 Sep 2017

Keeping up with the Kontentsphere

12:14 pm on 8 September 2017

Has another week passed you by with nary a fleeting glance at the weird and wonderful world of online content? Get the goss with another handy installment of Keeping up with the Kontentsphere.

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If the news this week of the return of the Foo Fighters to our fair shores has you thinking “gee they come here a lot”, then you are not alone. They’re here all the bloody time.

So why do the aging rockers make the trek south so very often? The answer is more delicious than you think.

Dave Grohl is obsessed with Fatimas! So much so that over 17 years he has eaten there on every visit, gifted staff with concert tickets, shouted them out in interviews and urged audiences to give the spensy falafel stores patronage.


I can’t believe Helen Clark was caught snuggling up to my future husband.



With just two weeks to go until judgment day, a lot happened this week in the wild and wooly world of #nzpol. Labour went up in the polls; there were a bunch of debates; everyone interrupted Jacinda; and Bill English continued his heartbreaking attempts at John Key-esque relatability.

The most gut-wrenching of these saw him posing next to the sweetest picture of a bee a middle-aged Catholic man has ever drawn. Is inciting pity an election strategy? This voter says: yes.


Tempering my condescending Bill appreciation somewhat is the National Billboard saga, which has seen National displaying their billboards in some ill-advised places.

Along with some very inspiring empty shopfronts in the regions, the ‘Delivering for All New Zealanders’ slogan was spotted, of all places, on the side of the Hobson Street City Mission leading to the extremely ironic sight of people sleeping rough beneath it.

Apparently realising that it might not be wise to juxtapose their weird fitspo metaphor with a sector of society who perhaps do not feel they have been delivered to, National have since removed the billboard.

Problem solved!


The worst part of all this politics talk is that it is distracting us from the BEST NEWS STORY OF 2017: The demon turkey terrorising Dunedin.

Months after he was first reported on by the Otago Daily Times’ Margot Taylor, stories of a particularly ferocious fowl “roaming the streets” and “chasing people” in South Dunedin’s suburb of St Clair have surfaced once more with residents taking to social media to warn others of his whereabouts.

According to a haunting account from St Clair resident Martin Montgomery, in June the bird leaped out and chased him during a nighttime run. Two weeks later, having not sated his lust for blood, the turkey tracked Mr Montgomery down and appeared in his driveway.

With the SPCA unwilling to intervene due to the bird’s apparently robust health it seems the Turkey’s chilling effect is in full swing while his power and influence only grows.

I for one, welcome our new turkey overlord. Godspeed ye, turkey.

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