16 Aug 2016

Track-by-track: Peach Milk breaks down her debut EP

10:06 am on 16 August 2016

Madison Eve – the local producer better known as Peach Milk – on the stories behind her excellent debut EP, Finally.

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Photo: Frances Carter

This is part of a regular series called Verse Chorus Verse which sees local artists break down the stories behind their music. For more, click here.


Flight Instinct

This is the song is about having a traumatic dream where you are falling or being chased, only to wake up to the comfort of your own bed. This song is my attempt to evoke how those dreams have made me feel. The horns/pads represent the nervous/anxious feelings, and the sweet melody that comes in represents the sense of safety after waking up and realising it was a just a dream.


I wrote this song in 2012 when I was living alone in an apartment downtown Auckland and was in a very dark place mentally. I never left my house and I isolated myself from my friends. This song is really about the sense of loneliness that I felt and the sense of longing I had for the relationships I had but couldn't emotionally bare to reciprocate. It’s a nice release to have this song on the EP as it feels like I can let go of that period of my life.



I almost didn't put this song on the EP. This track has my old Casiotone CT-360 on it, as well as samples of my voice. This one is a good snapshot of my development in production and trying different ideas out. It's also paying a bit of homage to an old project where the Casiotone was the lead instrument.

Master Chief

This song has samples from Halo. It's a good one to crank when you're playing Battle Creek 1v1 with shotguns and energy swords lol.


I studied audio-engineering while working on this EP, and also got a new synth. Both of these aspects were instrumental in the creation of the EP, and I think this song is the best representation of that. I chose to put this song at the end of the EP to show the direction that my new music is heading.

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