13 Aug 2016

Web series: Bright Summer Night

9:50 am on 13 August 2016

#BrightSummerNight is an exciting new take on the classic play - set at a Wellington house party over one night in the middle of summer.

Episode 1 - Puck

Follow mischievous Puck as they navigate their way to and through a midsummer night’s party.


Episode 2 - Lena

Join Lena as she treads carefully over hill and into lounge room, luckily she always knows exactly where her friends are… Right?


Episode 3 - Petra

F**k the patriarchy!! Petra Quince, musician extraordinaire and activist almighty, gives us the rundown of her house, which is currently under siege by a party.


Episode 4 - Bryn

Man, we all know a Bryn don’t we? The way he’s acting you’d think he was the host of the party! 


Episode 5 - Zander

Things are heating up on #BrightSummerNight! Zander is so cool and popular. Nothing could phase him, right?

Episode 6 - Nicky

Nicky gets whisked away at a midsummers party, good thing she knows the buddy system!

Episode 7- Deme 

Deme is so used to being in control, what happens when their inhibitions are gone?

Episode 8 - Mia

It’s been a tough night for Mia: awkward sex, lost friends, and now she’s stuck in line for the bathroom… Things couldn’t possibly get worse, right?

Episode 9 - Awhina

Awhina knows her own mind. She’s been advocating for the environment since high school, and been in a relationship for as long. But tonight everything seems different. 



The Candle Wasters are a group of talented young New Zealand women who have succeeded in the tough and cluttered world of online content. The group’s previous work, the award-winning literary inspired webseries Nothing Much To Do, based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and Lovely Little Losers, inspired by Love’s Labour’s Lost, have together amassed over 4.5 million views on YouTube.  Bright Summer Night has been supported by NZ On Air's webseries fund, British Council and Kickstarter backers.

New episodes out every Friday on The Wireless Facebook page, The Candle Wasters YouTube channel - or check back here.

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