14 Jun 2016

Introducing: Maaka

9:16 am on 14 June 2016

Emerging local musicians are given two minutes to introduce one of their songs and say whatever they like about themselves and their music.

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Photo: Supplied

Name of project: Maaka.

Real name: Mark Te Otene Fiso.

Age: 30.

Hometown: Upper Hutt, Wellington.

Formative Musical Experience: I was always mesmerised but the vocal ability of the singer’s singer. As a kid, I remember playing ‘Mariah Carey Live in Madison Square Garden’ every Saturday morning. Then I discovered the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and then onto more current artists like John Legend and Beyonce. I loved any singer who was able to trill skillfully and effortlessly, and I would try and imitate them. Needless to say, this influences a lot of my writing today.

Musical Guilty Pleasure: Pop! Early 2000’s pop more precisely. 

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