25 May 2016

Weekly Listening: Die Antwoord, Joey Purp, King Kapisi and more

11:36 am on 25 May 2016

A showcase of some of the best new music releases from the past week.


Joey Purp - GIRLS @ Feat. Chance The Rapper

This track might be the catchiest three minutes and 32 seconds to hit your ears this year. In the words of the rapper himself: “When they hear this jam, they can’t sit still.”

'GIRLS @' is the latest single to drop from Chicago-based rapper and member of SaveMoney Crew, Joey Purp. Fellow crewmate Chance The Rapper delivers a cheeky verse in the track which pays homage to girls of all sizes (as well as the the ones who read Ta-Nehisi Coates).

The bouncy beat with its tinkering bells and kick drum is reminiscent of The Cool Kids and Neptunes. Purp’s steady flow fits in perfectly, sounding almost like a deadpan comedian delivering flawless punch lines. Look out for Joey Purp's upcoming album, iiiDrops.

Benny’s Videos – Inside My head

Lower Hutt musician Benny's Videos, aka Ben Bro, has released a couple of beautiful tracks that are well-worth a listen. And for those who don’t know, Lower Hutt is like Wellington's West Auckland so, you know, pretty special.

Ben has been quietly working away in the local music scene for years, making consistently satisfying music. He also directed a stunning video for Glass Vaults which dropped earlier this month. The new tracks - 'I Had a Kind' and 'Inside My Head' -  feature his signature smooth, atmospheric beats and ethereal voice. No word if there is an EP coming out soon but fingers crossed. 

King Kapisi – Non, non, non Feat. Kydam & Ykson 

King Kapisi's new video apparently took just a day to pull together. Pretty impressive. 

“Shot in five hours, one night in Noumea after recording the demo track while at kona'i (Sunday lunch) that day,” says Kapisi.

Kapisi has been an important part of the music scene since his debut in the late 90s and he was the first hip hop artist in New Zealand to receive the Silver Scroll Award for Songwriter of the Year. 

'Non, non, non' is a catchy track with a pretty kickass French verse around the middle. Kapisi is planning to drop a new album Hip Hop Lives Here at the end of the year. According to his website, we can also expect the release of some wines -  renamed 'Hip Hop Noir' and 'Sauvignon Funk' - in partnership with a local winery.

Die Antwoord – Suck on This 

South African duo Die Antwoord have been quiet for a while, working away on a new album. In the meantime, Ninja and Yolandi decided to take a leaf from the Americans' book and give us a little something to tide us over. 

In a statement that came with the mixtape’s release, the frontman says: “Hi my name is NINJA. I'm from South Africa. I rap in a band called DIE ANTWOORD with my home girl ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER….So anyway, about 2 months ago we found out that rappers in the USA usually drop a free mixtape for their fans before they drop their album. So we thought, 'Hey we wanna do that!'" 

After teasing a bunch of tracks, the group finally relseased Suck On This last week. It's a blend of new songs and remixes of old tracks, featuring collaborations with whoever "the Black Goat" and "God" are. True to form, most of it's NSFW. 

The tracks 'Gucci Coochie' with Dita Von Teese and 'Bum Bum' are particular standouts but, I must stress, NSFW. While it's not music you'll want to crank up on a relaxing Sunday afternoon, it's perfect for everyone who loves dirty rhymes, clever raps and abrassive beats. 

MAALA - Kind Of Love 

For a while, Kiwi musician MAALA was slinking around in dark corners without anyone knowing who he really was. Last year, he stepped out from the shadows with the release of his debut EP.

On the back of it’s success, there is a follow-up album soon on its way and the new track, ‘Kind of Love’, is a teaser of what’s to come. If it's anything to go by, expect energetic tracks with rich, complex layers of sounds building up to all kinds of hooks and drops.  

In case you're interested, MAALA's period of mystery could've been a strategic move to distance himself from his time on New Zealand’s Got Talent, letting people soak up his new sound without letting his reality TV stint taint their view. As Music101 put it, “the songs he performed on the show…are a far cry from the slick, radio-ready production of MAALA’s debut self-titled EP.” 

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