30 Mar 2016

Flocking Kiwis Singapore - Anna Hamill

12:06 pm on 30 March 2016

Flocking Kiwis is a series about young New Zealanders living abroad and how they transition into life away from home.

We’re a population known for our love of leaving the nest and while Kiwis have long been flocking to the UK, Asia is still an uncommon destination for OEs.

In this instalment, we visit young New Zealanders who’ve made the move to Singapore – a country roughly the size of Lake Taupo with a population of 5.4 million.

Anna Hamill, 29, was born and raised in Invercargill, a world away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. About five years ago when she was thinking about going on her OE, Anna says her friends were heading London but coming home because they couldn’t find work.

She moved to Singapore "on a whim" after landing a job in marketing. She’d never been to there but was curious about life in Asia.  

“I moved mostly for the professional opportunities and to clear my student loan which, frankly, just didn't seem possible in New Zealand.”

Anna has recently landed a job as Asia editor for a marketing and advertising publication and says she sees Singapore becoming increasingly popular with young Kiwis. 

“You learn a lot about yourself living overseas, particularly Asia. Maybe not a lot of people are coming here but I think in the future Asia might actually be a really good destination for people looking to get ahead.” 

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