7 Mar 2016

Choices: a pop-up blog

10:01 am on 7 March 2016

Everything and anything to do with picking one thing over another. 



Choose. Photo: Image: 123RF

Starting today, we're running a two-week series on the topic of choices. 

Your choices and other people’s. Easy ones, hard ones, and ones that slowly replace your right mind with a cerebral Ping-Pong match straight from hell. 

Choices about love, work, family, fate and food. How to make choices, how not to, and what the choices we do make can teach us about ourselves.

We'll hear wisdom from experts whose lifework is analysing our choices. And empathise with the remaining 99.9 percent of us just winging it.

The posts will all be stored here. For content alerts, connect with us here, here and here.