5 Feb 2016

Kick Out The Jams: The Plough That Broke The Plains

11:37 am on 5 February 2016

Interviews and live sets from the New Zealand music underground. This week, we catch Christchurch trio The Plough That Broke The Plains.

Walk around Christchurch’s shattered CBD on any given work day and you’ll experience a kinetic symphony of wrecking balls, pneumatic drills, angle grinders and pavement saws. Emerging out of this cacophony are Christchurch industrial music trio, The Plough That Broke The Plains.

Featuring members of Zen Mantra and Log Horn Breed, The Ploughs’ are at pains to point out that the earthquake is not an influence on their music despite their hard edged, repetitive aural assault, having at least a sympathetic ear in the city’s rebuild.  

Video shot and edited by John Lake. 

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