31 Jul 2015

Kick Out The Jams: Beatcomber

10:31 am on 31 July 2015

Beatcomber are “a crazy, noisy, psychedelic, super-delayed, saturated, gear orientated, band from Wellington.”

That’s how guitarist/vocalist Trent Williams describes them anyway.

He says that he modelled his sound off surf music, which he was listening to a lot of when he first started writing and recording. He’s also big on gear and points to an early obsession with Nirvana that made him go out and buy effects pedals to try to and emulate the sound on In Utero.

At the moment though, it’s about playing live. Trent says that the band got their shit together and have been playing at a lot of house parties in the capital city.

“It’s a good time to be a musician in Wellington,” he says.

Speaking of which, we caught the five-piece act recently at a secret show put on by Eyegum Music Collective. Check it out.

Video shot and edited by Ezra Simons and Gussie Larkin.

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