14 Apr 2015

The Mint Chicks' debut album turns 10

8:13 am on 14 April 2015

The Mint Chicks look back on their debut album, F**k The Golden Youth.


The Mint Chicks.

The Mint Chicks. Photo: Unknown

In August 2004, The Mint Chicks' Kody and Ruban Nielson, Michael Logie and Paul Roper retreated to a secluded bach at Oakura Bay, Northland to begin a two-week recording session for what would be their debut album, F**k The Golden Youth, which was released in April 2005.

Away from outside influences, the band knocked out 13 cuts that would distil the spit and bile of their first two EPs, confounding record company expectations and intriguing their fan base.

To mark the album’s 10th anniversary, The Mint Chicks, and the cast and crew that played a role in ushering F**k The Golden Youth into the world, recount its strange and difficult passage.