17 Dec 2014

On The Dial: Hackers, trolls, vampires and histories

9:07 am on 17 December 2014

How far would you go for your favourite movie? This week in On The Dial, we meet Hobbit fans who go to impressive lengths including fractured necks and family theft. We speak to actor and director Taika Waititi about vampires and trolls; we’re back at Kiwicon to talk about hacking and tin foil hats; and we meet two of the young historians behind new illustrated Māori history book Tangata Whenua.


On The Dial was produced by Megan Whelan, with technical production by Marc Chesterman, and assistance from Marcus Stickley and Elle Hunt. Our music was composed and performed by Eddie Johnston, and the cover image was made by Hadley Donaldson

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