2 Nov 2013

Life in miniature

1:21 pm on 2 November 2013

Comedian Joseph Harper is originally from Christchurch, and now lives in Auckland. He was nominated for the Billy T Comedy Award in 2011, and his past works include Marching Toward Death with Wobbly Legs Like a Velociraptor, Bikes I Have Known versus Girls I Have Fallen In Love With, and Honey.

He recently performed his show Think: Tree (Omoutautahi), about his sense of self and belonging in post-quake Christchurch, in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for koha.

Joseph explains:

This show is about bonsai trees. It starts with the vague and mustachioed memory of my Uncle Kirk and concludes with an earthquake and some sort of quiet, trans-dimensional enlightenment. I want it to be delicate and pretty and hopefully it’ll sort of drip with the kind of syrupy mysticism I’ve found myself gravitating towards in the last couple of years. This is my show for my Christchurch.

Here's Joseph explaining his love of Bonsai.

And here he explains the "heist". 

Megan Whelan asked Joseph to sum up what it was all about.