31 Oct 2013

Love for the games

1:55 pm on 31 October 2013

A few months ago, when a friend asked about finding a technology or gaming writer, I got busy trying to find someone awesome. I never actually considered that I might be that person. It’s funny, because I didn’t initially realise the obvious: that technology and gaming are a major part of my life.

The earliest memory of these things I have is my Dad bringing home an IBM personal computer. I was so amazed at this awesome new thing before me. I have fond memories of playing games like Alley Cat, Police Quest and even HotRod. I have a younger sibling, and I was supposed to share, buuut I was so mesmerized that I would sometimes keep gaming and not tell her my turn was up. Sorry! (Not really.)

My parents then bought us a Sega Master System II and once again my passion for gaming grew. I remember staying up late to try and finish levels. My gaming obsession really started in those early days. (I still stay up late sometimes, but now I’m a grown-up I have the benefit of coffee and Red Bull.)

It’s really my Dad whom I have to thank for my technology and gaming love: he encouraged us to play computer games and experiment. If it wasn’t electronics, or DIY around the house, it was building my own computer with components. I may be biased, but my computer was friggin’ awesome. So thanks Dad!

I now work in technology, and my role is to help guide projects and people to make the right technology choices. It also probably helps that I am a tech junkie and apparently the perfect consumer, according to my partner. It’s not my fault these new gadgets are all shiny and awesome. I’ll drink the Kool-Aid.

Back on topic Amber. What this blog will be about? I get to talk about the most exciting thing to me, gaming and technology. It’s broad, but it allows me a wide range of topics to talk to you guys about. The great things coming up, things I’ve noticed, or just handy tips and tricks that I think people need to know. I may get guest bloggers in from time to time; I also won’t pretend that I know everything. So if you want to get in touch, want me to write about something or just have questions – then feel free to email or tweet me.