27 Jan 2012

Ngai Tuhoe commends natural poison research

7:04 am on 27 January 2012

A Ngai Tuhoe descendant who is helping to research native plants which could cull possums says he's glad a wildlife management centre is looking at natural poisons to replace 1080.

The centre at Lincoln University near Christchurch wants to create new ways to protect native animals and plants from pests.

Lincoln University senior researcher Shaun Ogilvie says there are several natural toxins in New Zealand forests which could be used.

He's working with Tuhoe in studying the native plant tutu, which may be used to manage possums.

A Ngai Tuhoe descendant, James Doherty, says the centre at Lincoln is helping continue the work of his group, Nga Matapopore, which has researched the affects of 1080 in Te Urewera forest.

He says Tuhoe is against 1080 aerial drops because it's not controlled.