30 Aug 2011

US brewery drops reference to Maori King

7:22 pm on 30 August 2011

An American boutique brewery has dropped the title Maori King for one of the beers following criticism of the name.

Tainui kaumatua Mamae Takerei has called the name insulting, and said the brewery should have done its research before deciding on it..

The brewery, Funkwerks of Colorado, says it did not intend to disrespect the Maori people or their culture by calling the beer Maori King and has now changed the name of the beer to Southern Tropic.

Funkwerks' co-founder Brad Lincoln says the brewery came up with the name because it was using rakau hops - a new variety of hops unique to New Zealand - in the brewing the beer.

He said the company only found out there was a Maori King when a New Zealander walked into their bar and told them.

Meanwhile, Mamae Takerei says she's impressed by the change of heart, but she says she can't pat them on the back for even attempting to label alcohol after a royal.