5 Jul 2011

Booming student numbers fuel change at polytech

11:06 am on 5 July 2011

The growing number of Māori students at Taranaki polytechnic is fuelling change at the campus.

Since 1988, the Wānanga Māori (Māori department) has had a series of temporary homes at the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki.

At present, the polytechnic has a converted a campus warehouse for its Māori department and as a study lounge for students.

The head of Māori Studies says relationships have been difficult over the past quarter century, but a third of students are now Maori.

Tengaruru Wineera says those numbers have swayed Te Kura Matatini's council to pledge to support the development of Māori.

He says there are now Māori places at the council table and next to the chief executive, and Māori managers and staff across the polytech.