22 Dec 2020

Māni Dunlop on Māori in the news: 'We're always an afterthought'

11:01 am on 22 December 2020

"We're always an afterthought, and that's why it's important to have us in mainstream. So that we're not an afterthought, that we're at the forefront of any kaupapa."

Some of RNZ's big names come out from behind the microphone to talk about their upbringing and careers in Behind the Mic, a series of video interviews.

RNZ Māori News Director and host of Midday Report Māni Dunlop is interviewed by RNZ Māori news reporter Te Aniwa Hurihanganui.

They speak about her integration of te reo Māori into her presenting role, the negative and positive feedback they receive from their use of te reo and telling stories through a Māori lens.

They also discuss the many other challenges of being a Māori wahine in a mainstream space, how Coco Solid helped her decide to stay in journalism school, and what continues to drive her.

More interviews and other summer content can be found here on RNZ's newly launched Summer 2020 site.