1 May 2018

Māori roll decreases in first month of option

7:01 pm on 1 May 2018

The first monthly update from the Electoral Commission on the Māori electoral option shows a 2052 decrease of people on the Māori roll and a 2698 increase on the general roll.

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Photo: Screenshot / Electoral Commission

The Māori electoral option opened on 3 April, giving Māori a chance to choose which roll they wanted to be on for the next two national elections.

Their choice would determine whether they voted for a local MP in a Māori seat or a general seat.

Results from the first of three updates by the Electoral Commission showed 215 new enrolments of Māori descent in the general roll and 431 in the Māori roll.

Of those on the Māori roll, 7093 switched to the general roll and of those on the general roll, 4610 switched to the Māori roll.

A spokesperson for the commission said it was too early to know if the roll changes were likely to affect the number of Māori seats.

The next updates would be due on 1 June and 2 July and the Māori electoral option would close on 2 August.