23 Dec 2014

Underperforming Maori land stats queried

7:58 pm on 23 December 2014

A business consultant is questioning the Crown's claim that 80 percent of Maori land is under-performing.

The Government was planning to reform the law around whenua Maori, saying it could be making more money.

According to a report compiled in 2011 by the then Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Maori land made up 5 percent of New Zealand.

The Government said the land potential was being held back by governance and management matters.

Business consultant at Tahi, Tamarapa Lloyd, said there was a long-held view Maori land had a hidden wealth.

He said it was not unusual for Maori land to be singled out as something that was not pulling its weight.

Mr Lloyd said most whenua Maori was utilised, and said it was not like there was flat land that had not already been turned into dairy operations or it may have trees on it.

He said by-in-large most of the land was used - but he admitted there were questions of whether the land was being used to its full potential.