29 Sep 2014

Parihaka master plan in the works

8:27 am on 29 September 2014

Parihaka Papakainga hopes to be home to 1000 people in 25 years.

The historic settlement's long-term master plan is under way, which includes researching sustainable energy and work into a new housing development.

It is hoped Parihaka will one day be home to 1000 people.

The settlement of Parihaka. Photo: PHOTO NZ

Currently there are 20 residences on the papakainga, and most of its infrastructure is at full capacity.

The chair of the pa's trust, Amokura Panoho, said there are many more people who want to move to Parihaka and live where their tupuna once did.

She said a long-term plan is needed in order to sustain a population of about 1000 people.

Ms Panoho said it needed to look at the infrastructure demands on the existing system and look at how it can be made economically independent and build its resource capability around that.