25 Aug 2014

Maori leadership values rated highly

6:39 am on 25 August 2014

Businesses could benefit from adopting a Maori approach to leadership, according to a study by Massey University's Maori Business Research Centre - Te Au Rangahau.

Jarrod Haar of Te Au Rangahau, Massey University’s Māori business research centre.

Jarrod Haar Photo: Massey University

Interviews were conducted with 31 Maori leaders, including a knight, politicians, iwi leaders, and those in marae and community organisations.

Professor of Management Jarrod Haar, who led the study, said four characteristics came through particularly strongly: altruism, humility, taking a long-term view, and collectivism, or making collaborative decisions for the common good.

Mr Haar of Tainui said the perceived value of those four Maori leadership traits was then tested on a random sample of 250 employees, most of whom were not Maori. They were asked to describe their managers.

Professor Haar said the results showed that leaders who rated well on those four aspects had staff who thought their leadership style was more positive, and they in turn were more committed and engaged.

Mr Harr said leaders with those characteristics were more likely to have better performing and happier teams working under them.