25 Jul 2014

Ngati Ruanui opposes mining appeal

6:43 pm on 25 July 2014

Ngati Ruanui is opposing an appeal to the High Court by a company, which wants to mine iron sand on the South Taranaki coast.

Black iron-sand of Taranaki's Ahu Ahu Beach

Black iron-sand of Taranaki's Ahu Ahu Beach Photo: PHOTO NZ

The tribe said the company, Trans-Tasman Resources, was appealing after the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA rejected its bid to be allowed to mine off Patea.

Chief executive of Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, said it's disappointing that Trans Tasman was appealing the decision, although she wasn't surprised by the move.

She said the tribe has filed an application with the High Court, opposing the company's appeal.