23 Jul 2014

Nikau and Aria most popular names

7:57 pm on 23 July 2014

The Maori names Nikau and Aria were last year's most popular names for a boy and girl.

Maori baby and dad at beach.


The Department of Internal Affairs has released the top 10 names for both sex. The information was collected from registrations of births in New Zealand over a year to 2013.

Nikau topped the list in 2012 and last year. The most popular girl's name in 2012 was Maia, with Aria second.

The department's registrar-general, Jeff Montgomery, says Maori names are unique in the world and they connect people to their history and culture.

The interim chief executive of the Maori Language Commission, Pita Paraone, says it's pleased that so many whanau are maintaining their ancestor, or tupuna, names.

Top 10 names for boys in 2013

1. Nikau

2. Ari

3. Wiremu

4. Niko

5. Tamati

6. Hemi

7. Nikora

8. Te Ariki

9. Rawiri

10. Tane

Top 10 names for girls in 2013

1. Aria

2. Maia

3. Ariana

4. Anahera

5. Anika

6. Aroha

7. Kora

8. Tia

9. Kaia

10. Ana