22 Jul 2014

Anti-violence group supports joint approach

6:59 am on 22 July 2014

The Maori arm of the National Network for Stopping Violence is praising a new report proposing Maori agencies become part of an integrated approach to combating domestic violence.

The report titled The Way Forward is co-authored by Ruth Herbert, the former director of the Glenn Inquiry who quit last year.

Ms Herbert says while all victims of domestic or child abuse suffer under the current system, Maori are particularly disadvantaged by the "piecemeal approach".

The co-chair of the Maori Caucus for Te Kupenga says an integrated, holistic system is more beneficial.

Takurua Tawera says the model fits Maori, mainly because they work collectively and collaboratively together.

Mr Tawera says an integrated system means no one organisation is going to be acting as the rangatira (the head) and would stop Maori agencies from working in isolation.