14 Jul 2014

Asthma Foundation wants new protocol

7:01 am on 14 July 2014

The Asthma Foundation hopes to include an asthma regimen, proved to be beneficial for Maori, in new asthma treatment guidelines.

The SMART method is using just one inhaler which is both a reliever and a preventer, such as Symbicort or Vannair.

A University of Auckland study shows it reduced the risk of severe asthma attacks, even more so for Maori participants.

Asthma Foundation medical director Kyle Perrin said the latest guidelines were written in 2002 and didn't include the SMART protocol.

Dr Perrin said the Ministry of Health said it wouldn't fund the foundation to write new ones so instead it would adapt international guides to fit New Zealand.

He said it was a concern the guidelines were so out of date and he expected the SMART protocol to be included in the new ones which hopefully would be completed later this year.

He said it would help ensure doctors around the country knew about the new method to recommend to patients.