30 Jun 2014

Newspaper 'impeding' race relations

7:54 pm on 30 June 2014

The Sunday Star Times is being accused of sensationalising and impeding race relations.

Its reporting of an Asia New Zealand Foundation survey has been criticised by the Human Rights Commission.

The foundation's research showed 44 percent of Maori polled thought New Zealanders felt less warm towards people from Asia. But the newspaper's headline for the story read "Maori dislike of Asian immigration deepens".

Indigenous Rights Commissioner Karen Johansen said a complaint has been sent to the Sunday Star Times, and a meeting had been sought with the editor. She said she could not believe what she was seeing when she saw the article.

Ms Johansen said she read it three times and was left with the impression it was inaccurate.

The Human Rights Commission pointed out that some of New Zealand's first pioneers came from China. It said Asian New Zealanders did not arrive yesterday, and they have been an integral part of the nation since its birth.

The Sunday Star Times has agreed to meet the commission over the story.