19 Jun 2014

Man's body to return to Christchurch

7:00 pm on 19 June 2014

The partner of a man whose body was taken by his Tuhoe whanau and buried in Bay of Plenty against her wishes, is counting down the days till his body is returned.

James Takamore's body was buried in Tuhoe territory despite his partner, Denise Clarke's wishes to lay him to rest in Christchurch, where he had lived with his family for 20 years.

Ms Clarke has been in legal battles with the whanau for seven years to work out where he should be buried, and in 2012, the Supreme Court ruled the decision was hers to make.

She said she hoped to have him reburied in Christchurch on 17 August, the seventh anniversary of his death.

Denise Clarke said it had been a constant battle and she was relieved it was over, saying she can't wait to get him back.

She believes Mr Takamore would have wanted to be buried near his children in Christchurch, not in Bay of Plenty.